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At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the evolution of international banking and its influence on modern banking practices.

  2. Identify the various types and services available in international banking and offshore financial centres.

  3. Discuss the international banking risks and issues related to international banking.

This course will provide students with a relevant understanding of the functions and types of the international banking establishment. It covers the historical beginning and the evolution of international banking to the current scenario. Students are exposed to cases and excerpts from financial media to appreciate the dynamic business of international banking. Types of risks and issues with respect to banking activities are discussed to further complement the knowledge of students towards international banking.

1) Introduction to International Banking

  • Introduction to International Banking

  • Evolution of International Banking

  • Factors of International Banking Growth

  • Global and Emerging Market Banking Systems

2) International Commercial Banking

  • Introduction to International Commercial Banking

  • Functions of International Commercial Banks

  • Facilities Offered by International Commercial Banks

  • International Retail Banking, Branchless Banking and Private Banking

3) International Investment banking

  • Introduction to International Investment Banking

  • Features of International Investment Banks

  • Functions and Facilities Offered by International Investment Banks

  • Differences between Commercial Banking and Investment Banking

4) Offshore Financial Centres

  • Introduction to Offshore Financial Centres

  • Functions of Offshore Financial Centres

  • Facilities Offered by Offshore Financial Centres

  • Types of Institutions under Offshore Financial Centres

5) International Banking Risks

  • Introduction to International Risks

  • Types of International Banking Risks

  • Internal Risk Assessment on International Banking

  • Supervision and Regulation of International Banking

6) Issues in International Banking

  • International Banking Evolvement

  • Asian Financial Crisis

  • Subprime Crisis

  • Islamic Banking Issues

  • Banks versus Blockchain

Continuous assessment (60%):

  • Test (10%)

  • Individual assignment (20%)

  • Group assignment and presentation (30%)

Final assessment (40%):

Note: 60 questions – 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 20 T/F questions. The duration is 2 hours.

1) Mohammed, Rozita Uji 2021, International Banking, KOMBAT [ISBN :9789671926314]

2) Mohammed, Rozita Uji 2015, International Banking, UiTM Sabah [ISBN :9789834150037]

3) Jane E. Hughes and Scott B.MacDonald 2002, International Banking: Text and Cases, Pearson [ISBN :n/a]

4) Barbara Casu, Claudia Girardone, and Philip Molyneux 2006, Introduction to Banking, Prentice Hall [ISBN :n/a]

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